What was unique in our 2018 web design

2018 Web Design

What was unique in our 2018 web design

As we near the end of 2018, I would like a look back to our 2018 web design projects. Some of the highlights of 2018 included the launch of the Universal Restaurant website (customer app to be launched before the New Year), two ecommerce projects (Ohod Electrics website and Teknogrid online shop), one catering website (Banquet Catering Kuwait) and a few other redesign and startup websites. Let’s take a look at how each project was unique in our 2018 web design.

Universal Restaurant

This project started in August of 2017, with several phases, but the final launch of the frontend website was in March 2018. Based on CakePHP and HTML5/Javascript effects on the frontend, this unique platform is designed to bring Cooks together with food-loving customers, allowing the cooks to earn income while presenting their creative skills in meals, sweets, drinks and more.

The cooks (sellers) and customers (users) can benefit not only financially but also enjoy the variety of the cultures and traditions. The platform provides 3 services: pick up by user, prepare and deliver by cook and eat at cooks location. The platform up to now accepts COD (for some countries), PayPal and Stripe. It has also integration with Twilio API for mobile/SMS verification and vast usage of PayPal and Stripe APIs for multi-vendor APIs.

Also, it has a rating system algorithm that calculates each Chef’s rating according to the amount of reviews/likes and orders. Read the full story here. Our teams are proud to have this project as one of our completed 2018 web design projects.

2018 Web DesignEcommerce Projects

Two of the major ecommerce projects we had as our 2018 web design projects was the Ohod Electrics website (and logo redesign) as well as Teknogrid online shop which included Payeezy payment integration. In the Ohod project, our teams had to import over 400 product items, which we used the Woocommerce import/export plugin, and also deactivate the Add to Cart button to enable real online shopping for a later timing. In addition, the Ohod website was bilingual, so we had the challenge of working on all the RTL issues in ecommerce as well.

2018 Web DesignBanquet Catering Kuwait Revamp

This hospitality website was a revamp project, in which our teams used elegant web design skills to modernize the old Banquet website into a stylish sophisticated website. The bilingual website includes menu options, galleries, about and contact information. This project also is concluded by a reflecting app, which is to be released in 2019.

2018 Web DesignOther 2018 Web Designs

Other 2018 web design projects we want to highlight are listed below:


Our teams used the most popular CMS platform, WordPress for design and development, including the usage of best practices and RTL standards for bilingual websites. It was an honor to work with clients from Iraq, to Oman, to KSA, Kuwait and Maldives.

Looking forward to more projects in 2019!