5 Must Haves for Restaurants Website


5 Must Haves for Restaurants Website

Whether you’re new to this industry or have been working for years, a restaurants website is a must. So what should you include in your website? Take a look at the main components required to take your restaurant website to the top:

1- Responsive

Most people won’t be connecting to your website through a normal desktop computer, so make sure your website has a responsive layout for mobiles, tablets, and all else. Making it easy for clients to navigate your website has the difference of gaining one customer or losing one.

2- Clean, Simple Design & Layout

One of the things driving people away from your restaurant website will be clutter and unorganized layout. The human eye likes to see simplicity and neatness. It’s best to use consistent fonts and colors, and take this theme for your social media presence and graphical branding. The website UX will have a definite impact on whether your customer stays on your website, or leaves within seconds.

3- Photo Gallery

This is one of the best ways to advertise your products. Just show some great snapshots of your food, and people at your restaurant, and you will have gained a new client already. The human mind better absorbs a visual and will impact their desire to checkout your restaurant. You can use impressive images and even share them on your social media such as Instagram and Pinterest.

4- Open Hours and Location

Let’s face it, when a person comes to your website, they want to know when your open and where you are. So make it easy for them. Provide this info at their fingertips, include a Google Map, and even side widgets showing your open hours will be the best.

5- Reviews

Many restaurant websites will include their reviews, and including a reviews widget that integrates with TripAdvisor and other sorts of tourist guiding websites will be the best. People will be impacted by the feedback of others before they come to you.

6- Your Menu

Well, an interactive and lively menu will be the best way to present your restaurants services and food. Including a few clear pictures, nutrition info and your prices is also a must. Make it easy for your future clients to see your appealing menu, and make their decision.