7 Main Signs That You Need a Website Redesign

Main Signs That You Need a Website Redesign

7 Main Signs That You Need a Website Redesign

When was the last time you had a website redesign? Websites need revamps every now and then, and in this article you can see the different reasons that website redesigns are vital, from not being user friendly, or being outdated in design, or not presenting who you are now. In this article, we’ll point out to 7 main signs that show you need a website redesign.

1.      Your website isn’t in line with your current brand

If your website colors, images, and fonts aren’t reflecting your current logo and branding, it’s time to change style and make your UI in line with your brand.

2.      Your website is buggy

If you have broken links, broken images, features not working in browsers, then these indicate an outdated website, and you should start with a fresh website asap.

Needless to mention if your website has flash in it (which won’t be seen in mobile devices and blocked in updated web browsers as well) then you should jump start for a revamp.

3.      Your content is old and not in line with your current brand

Content is the core of every website, and it will define how your structure is based, and how your website is organized.

If your current website content isn’t in line with your current business services and presentation, then you need to start making changes. Usually a business updates their services and products annually, so check if your content strategy meets your current business.

4.      Your website is not mobile friendly

Needless to say, it’s 2019 now, so a responsive web design is a must. Do a quick check, connect to your website through your mobile device, you will see how your visitors see your website. Now is this how you will show your business to your customers?

5.      Your design is just out of date

Usually the life-span of a website is an average of 3 years old, but take a look at your website, and put yourself in your customer’s position. Does the style suit your business? How does your competitors’ website look? Are you presenting a clean and clear website for your visitors? Is it easy for them to navigate and find your information? Or do they have to face a cluttered mess and search in several pages just to find how to call you? Remember, your outer look will define your inner value.

6.      You can’t add or update your content easily

These days, you can easily manage your website content with strong CMS platforms like WordPress. So if you want to add a page, make changes to text, add images and are stuck not knowing how or need someone to code your way through it, then you’re missing out on easy tools that can help you manage your business.

7.      Your too ashamed to give your website URL

If you hesitate to put your website URL on your social media pages, or give it out to clients and partners, then you need a redesign asap. Your website is your 24-hour open store to your clients and it should represent your business even when you’re asleep. Be proud of your online presence, get a redesign.

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