An All-in-One for your Restaurant


What is the Odoo Restaurant Management System?
Odoo is one of the most famous ERP applications, recently coming even more to the top. Today we want to focus one of the apps it provides, POS, which is an all-in-one solution for restaurants.
As a Web Application, Odoo Restaurant does not require any desktop application installing, just connect to the internet, and browse with your favorite browser.
The main thing about the Odoo application is that it will be a seamless solution for your website, management system, ordering (if you want online shopping), and even your POS and hardware.
It is integrated fully with the Purchase app, Sales app, Accounting, Inventory, Ecommerce and more. The POS system even works offline, so if you lose connection, nothing will be lost.
Now imagine your restaurant, with your sales and orders in place and entering the database at the time of the order, a fully integrated system for your accounting and reports, and an easy to use interface for the POS.


Features included
So what is so special in this application? Take a look:
– Payment methods: you can use all sorts including cash, checks, credit/debit cards, split tenders, and more. Note that all of these payments will be directly integrated in the accounting app to facilitate future controlling and transactions.
– Checkout: you can set prices, discounts, parallel orders, and much more. It will also be integrated with dynamic bar codes that will hold the info of the price, discount info, and more….
– Store Management: you can control and monitor your store order history, daily sales, cashier accounts, cash flows, and the status of your stock. If you have multi locations, you can even configure and have an overview of their sales, stock and accounting.
– Loyalty programs: you can promote your store loyalty programs, increase loyalty cards and rewards, create a point system and more.
– Restaurant Management: manage your floor plans, seatings, delayed orders, kitchen notes, and split bills. A full floor plan will allow you to overview your restaurants orders. The layout can be easily changed, and will always let you know where there are free tables, who is on the wait, and where your customers are. You can even send order instructions to have kitchen printing for product categories.
– Product: you can organize your categories, search, UOMs, barcodes, variants (like special fields such as size, color, etc.) and more. In Odoo you can have more than 100,000 products.

So what do you gain?

Well I think it’s pretty clear what you gain, but see below:
– Unified data across all restaurants to improve your sales
– Sync products, prices and customers with no effort
– Improve sales with new products, pricing strategies, loyalty programs and promotions. You can implement a global strategy across all your restaurants without difficulties.
– With Odoo as a backend, you have a system proven to be perfectly suitable for all sizes – from small bars to restaurant chains.
– Real-time info in your management system at all times
– One application, one interface, all-in-one from your website, ecommerce, management system and POS.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Odoo application is just the right solution for all restaurants of all sizes and shapes and it will wrap your business in a one seamless application. You can pave your business’s future strategy, save valuable time and provide improved customer service. Get your restaurant automized today…

By Nadia Kamil , Technical & Project Manager at Comelite IT Solutions