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Best Summer Travel Tips: 8 Tech Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday

best summer travel tips

Most people look forward to the summer holidays no matter what their lifestyle. The reason? Of course, to travel! In this article, I will point out some of the best summer travel tips to facilitate your plan ahead and your tourism trip, as well as how you can make the most of available apps and technology.

One of the Best Summer Travel Tips: Plan Ahead!

Your time is limited and precious therefore you have to plan it out well. Think of the priorities in your trip and make a short list of where you will go, what you want to buy, and what you look to see. You can use Wunderlist to make your ToDos, or apps like Guides by Lonely Planet will help you organize a destination wish list and offer free city guides. It might help to check out to see if the destination you’re going to provides a city tourism app, like the one we did for Tripoli Lebanon. This will help you plan out where you will go, and become aware of upcoming events as well.

Think on your Budget Beforehand

One of the best summer travel tips is how you handle your budget. And guess what. Credit cards will make you spend MORE so have allocated cash on your trip (ok, bring the credit card for backup), but research shows people spend 12% to 18% more with credit cards. You can consider planning out your budget and keeping track with some of these great apps as well.

Take Pictures! (and edit them)

Enjoy a memorable summer holiday and save the memories with your snapshots. Recently I found an article that provides good tips on how to take great pictures with your smartphone. You can keep your memories, and use apps such as Snapseed to make professional edits.

Take Advantage of Loyalty

Wherever you go, look out to save more with loyalty and discount offers, which you can find in apps of course. There are plenty of apps providing coupons for the region you’re going, such as this one we made for a client in Qatar. One of the best summer travel tips you can use is saving bits and dollars to gain more.

Accommodation Tips

Depending on where you’re going, you can always find suitable places with hotel finder apps. For example, in this app we did for a travel agency in Saudi Arabia, you can find nearby hotels, car rentals and travel and tour packages. Or apps like Hotel Tonight can help you get setup for the night. Last by not least, you should definitely try out Airbnb’s app, (you can see an intro of the app here), where you can find a cost-effective place to stay in this ever-growing platform.


This might not be just a best summer travel tip, but maybe a best tip for the year round. Using translation apps to be on the same page, like Google Translate, or even dictionary apps of the region you’re going to will come in handy so you can mix with locals and socialize better. Make sure they have offline caching so you can use them even without an internet connection.

Maps: Know How to Use Them

One of the best summer travel tips I can offer is usage of map apps. Unbelievably, many don’t understand the significance of Google Maps, let alone other map apps. Google Maps will let you pin a location, find directions, and even use the Street View app to view the location in 3D. Of course, there are tons of offline app maps you can use in case you are new to a region. Even direction apps such as Wayz will come in handy to help you reach your destination.

Don’t Kill the Wait Time

While on your trip, I’m sure there will be a lot of wait time, whether in airports and planes, or riding a bus/car, etc. So make use of your time by relaxing and listening to a curated list of your favorite music, or reading some of your favorite e-books, tucked away for the right time.

Summing it up…

I can go on and provide some more of the best summer travel tips but I’ll leave it here for you to go in depth of some of the suggestions and I would love to hear back of what your tips and comments are.

So take a minute and write out one or two of your tips to the readers.