3 Must Have Business Graphical Design Elements


3 Must Have Business Graphical Design Elements

Business Graphical Design Elements

There are many elements in design that compose a business’s set in presentation, digital marketing, email marketing, face to face meetings, and in events’ presentations. The most important business graphical design elements usually compose of the brochure and profile items, business card, stationary items such as your company letterhead, envelope, and stamp. Now if you were to choose 3, which are the best? Below, I’ve pointed out benefits of a few business graphical design elements that are must haves for your business.

Brochure as your Light Business Graphical Design Element

There are many types of brochures. You can have a two-fold, tri-fold, flyer, z-fold, and much more. There are even multi-page brochures, which most of us refer to as company profiles or booklets. You can see a full list of brochure types here, but which is best to present your business with? It’s always good to have a light-weight brochure such as a two-fold or tri-fold to introduce your company goals and services, and contact info, and to serve as your light and simple business graphical design element. Also, make sure you don’t overload your brochure with too much text, or keep a balance between your content and graphics, such as our samples here.

Stationary Set as your Unique Element

What’s in a stationary set? Well, the most popular items consist of a letterhead, envelopes (in different sizes), business card, stamp, notepad, and other items, also known as promotional items, can be cap and other wearables, pen, lighter, mug, bags, and even calendar covers and CD labels.  Stationary items are infinite and the most attractive when they have your brand on them. Your business graphical design elements speak a lot about your brand and stand for business objective. Whichever elements you choose in your stationary set, make sure you distribute it to your employees, clients and make it stand out.

Business-Graphical-Design-Elements1PowerPoint Presentation for your Events and Presentations

I think many businesses underestimate the power of PowerPoint presentations in business graphical design elements. PowerPoint presentations of a business can not only serve as your business presentation profile in events, conference meetings and even as a digital file to send, but they can help you take a specific solution and present your idea, whether if it’s a new business suggestion, a change in your marketing plan, analysis of business strategy. In PowerPoints, you can combine the content and images, as well as figures shown in infographics to show exactly what you need to point out. They are flexible and easy to edit, and also have nice transitions and effects.


So what should you choose for your most important business graphical design elements? From the vast items available in the graphical spectrum, these are just a few. Anyhow, Comelite will help you make a great change in your business by revamping and redesigning or just getting it all setup from scratch. Don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation on what best suits your brand.