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7 Ways to Start your Business Spring Cleaning

business spring cleaning

With spring on its way, it is best to greet Mother Nature’s most flourishing season with a flourish in your business. Of course, business renovations are always necessary but you can do a business spring cleaning to give a fresh start to the new season and increase your business opportunities and pave your strategy. So how can you get a head start to greet the green season? Read below to find out.

1.      Extract Staff Talent

Many of your staff can contribute to your business with additional energy they have and growing skills. You can provide new responsibility opportunities to your staff so your business grows and to help employee growth as well. You might also consider shuffling your company roles to see how to get jobs done best, and reconsider your operation methods. This might require new role definitions, redistribution of staff responsibilities or even hiring new people

2.      Spring Clean your Online Presence

With the upcoming season, consider business spring cleaning in your social media, from updating media covers to give a new look, to website redesigns and revamps, or to even add an extra seasonal video to introduce your brand.

3.      Spring Clean your Strategy

Sit with your board and list your goals and missions, and analyze which you have reached since the start of the year. Re-analyze your tactics and work methods. Here, you need to gather your statistics, and count your leads, contacts, sales and net income. Revise your content and business strategy as needed, and get a head start into spring. Here you can also get help from your customers and do a customer survey to your target audience to assess yourself and your services/products. If you have Salesforce as your working management system, it provides many methods to get this done.

4.      Spring Cleaning for Your Procrastinated Tasks

This year, stop talking about getting things done, just do it and check it off your To Do list. You can always outsource your delayed tasks that you run away from, or you can get help from colleagues. However, the most important thing is to set a date, and get it DONE. This way you will spring clean your task list and free your mind and thoughts, ready to accept new fresh ideas.

5.      Spring Clean your Brand

In the green season, consider a business spring cleaning to your logo and brand representation. There are varieties of ideas, from adding new colors and symbols or maybe a seasonal video and advertising. You can also ask your customers what they like/dislike from your brand and think of a logo revamp.

Business Spring Cleaning - Your Brand

Business Spring Cleaning - Your Brand

6.      Spring Clean your Accounts

This might be a tedious task to do, but extremely vital. See which of your accounts are inactive and clear them up, or remove additional software from your computer. Remove cluttered and disorganized files from your archives and literally clean up your desktop. Organize your bookmarks, your emails, customer lists and your workflow system. Get things organized and fresh!

7.      Final Business Spring Cleaning: Make it Nice and Pretty

Well, now that you are actually doing a business spring cleaning, spend time to actually rejuvenate and renovate your office area. From beautifying your office exterior look with seasonal flowers, to adding a special seasonal tweak to your interior, any new change will lift up the spirits of your business and create positivity among your staff.

Final Word

Nevertheless, we should get ready to greet spring ASAP. Time will fly by with a wink of your eye so take advantage of these business spring cleaning ideas to rejuvenate your business.

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