Business Strategy Trends to Consider in 2017


Business Strategy Trends to Consider in 2017

A new year, a new beginning. For many, a fresh start brings hope and inspiration. You can start your business in the New Year, with a new business strategy 2017, with big dreams in your mind, pursue them and then work to convert them into reality. So, what does the New Year bring us in terms of our corporate strategy? Below are some considerations and trends that will be dominating 2017 that you need to think of for your business growth, whether you’re a small, medium or enterprise sized business.

Dream big, it’s the first step to success…

Inbound Marketing Tactics in your Business Strategy 2017

When it comes to marketing and sales, the most popular trend rising is the tactics of inbound marketing. So think again when optimizing your annual marketing strategy. Do you need to update your personnas? What is your content marketing plan? Have you set a monthly budget for your marketing plan? Whatever the case, and whichever methods and tactics you’ll be using in 2017, make sure you have updated your steps, online tracking and personnas, and embrace the power of inbound marketing and organic SEO.

Proactive Lead Capturing

As a method of inbound marketing, capturing leads on the spot is vital for service providing companies. How can you keep up with who comes to your door? Well you can use many tools to capture leads coming to your website, analyze them, and now, even talk to them through their favorite messenger. With a proactive chat system, you can convert leads into your goals and always be prepared to respond to incoming visitors. In this example, a telegram chat bot is used to reply to customers on multiple channels, getting constant updates, with special features, such as multi-channel control, analytics, and use of your favorite messenger apps.

Visualize Your Business Strategy 2017: Visual and Video Content

The year 2017 will mark the expansion of visual and video content and how businesses will use videos for their presentations, intros, education and much more. Videos are popular and can be seen on your mobile on the go, and can “tell the story” you need to tell in a matter of minutes. Videos are effective and will capture the audience watching instantly.
Video content is on demand, and informative to use, and attractive to look at, so think about making one for your corporate strategy today.

Make Use of Social Media

Social Media plays a significant role in our lives today. Businesses use Facebook for transactions, Twitter for twitter cards, and of course LinkedIn to communicate and proceed on projects. So how should you use your social media? In addition to your website as your 24-hour online marketing tool, social media will fulfill advertising your website and services silently while you focus on your techniques and projects. You will need to get familiar with the most popular apps, schedule and program your usage of social media and use social media for its real purpose to expand your business growth.

Still – Is your Website Responsive?

Believe it or not, even though we are in 2017, up to this day, I have found over 5 websites of clients, who still DO NOT have a responsive website. In the age where tablets and mobiles dominate usage of desktop PCs, we need to consider how our website looks on mobile and put the sufficient amount of energy to revive and facilitate our website experience for our clients. So if your website is not responsive, you need to consider this as a priority in your business strategy 2017.

Business Automation

This is one of the most important trends to look out for your business growth in your corporate strategy. These days, with the methods of marketing and business changing, every business needs to be automated to prevent iterative work and double timings spent, manual processes and non-usage of technology in your business. So what is business automation? Very simple, to have your customers, leads and prospects in one database, to be able to rely on one data source, keep track of your sales, projects, accounting and more.

Comelite is supporting Enterprise Solutions and Salesforce solutions as the demand and rise in these two areas are growing and most customers are switching to Salesforce or Odoo as their selection for their business.

Go Digital, Go Mobile

Last but not least, get into the digital era. If you’re a business, small or big, you will need to setup an app to represent your business, to think of how your customers can make payments through mobile, and to see how you can bring your business into the palm of your potential and withstanding clients. With a mobile app you can provide your business for your clients with real-time information, and provide services according to their location, their activities, and their taste. So if you don’t have an app for your business, mark this as something to consider in your business strategy 2017.


These are just a few ideas to think of in your strategic planning for your business strategy 2017. Basically, start planning each month and think of the trends and obstacles ahead, and see how the new technologies will facilitate and lift you up in the path to success.