Tmreya Case Study: Make an App for Online Shops

In this article, I would like to introduce you to one of our latest mobile app projects where we had to make an app for online shops. In the last months of 2017, we worked on an authentic web design for the Tmreya company, based in KSA. Tmreya Company is a renowned sweets and chocolate company in KSA with over 25 branches in KSA alone, and available in Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Qatar. So when you have an online shop, and coming-back customers, then why not mobilize it and put your shop in their pockets?

See What’s Inside

The main features and screens in the app include an original splash screen, main shop screen including filters and categories, product details, non-shop products, branches, gallery, and about/contact info. Using the side menu, we can switch the app to Arabic, login to see our order history, and see featured products.

API Integration

The main feature in the Tmreya app is that it is fully integrated and dynamic to the website. Any changes done on the website backend will be instantly update on the app, from product changes, translation changes to galleries and informative text.

Push Notifications and Updates

Upon each order, you will see instant push notifications as well as email notifications for your order. You will be able to also checkout your orders in the My Orders section, and see the status of each order. By ordering, and specifying your region, the region manager branch will also be notified of your order and start preparing your request till you get there.

Products and Shop

When we had to make an app for this online shop, we wanted it to be fully dynamic. Meaning that we wanted each product shown in the website is instantly shown in the app. You can just update the products and categories in the website, and you will see the API integration updating it in the app. The shop includes beautiful classy chocolate and sweet photos, product info, categories, as well as filter/sort and search functionalities. The shop is also integrated with HyperPay and Sadad, allowing the customers to make purchases with their preferred payment methods.


The app is fully available in Arabic for locals and just like the website, native Arabic speakers can easily navigate and make their orders through the app.

Your Favorite Shop in your Pocket

To wrap up, you can easily install the Tmreya app on your smartphone (available in for android and iOS) and have your favorite sweets and chocolates shop right in your pocket. Make online deliveries with a tap and get notified instantly.

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Case Study: Desert Grove Database MS

A Start

One of our latest work, Desert Grove database management system, based in UAE, was first a start-up idea back in September 2016. The main founder, Mr. Michel Kalai came to our teams, as we had done a few projects with him before. Comelite teams and Project Department worked closely with Mr. Kalai to analyse, guide and prepare the foundations of Desert Grove database management system.

At the start, the client initially needed something flexible, with the ability to build on to it, and at the same time, displaying uniqueness and elegance. As explained in the intro, the Desert Grove story began with a simple idea: enable anyone to create the perfect environment to enrich one’s personal life to the fullest.

As most start-up ideas, our teams combined with the client, had to do define goals, targets, analyse the flows and much more. Finally, after 3 months of planning, going back and forth, the plan was ready.

Getting the Wheels Rolling

The Desert Grove application was based on Laravel, a PHP framework popular for speedy development, simple syntax pattern, database flexibilities and secure mechanisms. Providing a smooth interface for the custom development, Comelite teams took advantage to base the Desert Grove application on this MVC platform, with its function-rich libraries.

Desert Grove Case Study1

Needless to mention, the Comelite teams also prepared the main company logo with authentic design, and the divisions logos, business cards and letterheads.

Get to Know the Purpose

Desert Grove consists of 4 main divisions, Spas and Pool Construction, Landscaping, Design & Consulting, and Retail. Customers coming to the web application have the easy experience of choosing from swim spas, movable floors, marina pools and other services.

Desert Grove Case Study2

Desert Grove Case Study3

The application includes many forms allowing the user to custom apply for their exact request. This might include pool repairs and maintenance, cleaning, or spas and movable floors to the exact dimensions you will need.

The forms, the blogs page, the newsletter as well as all the website pages have been integrated with Hubspot Marketing/Sales platform enabling the company to track and measure visits and interactions from potential clients, in order to improve conversion to sales.

Technical Challenges and Backend

Desert Grove Case Study4The project had a lot of challenging curves, in which each page had its own layout so we had to use a unique system to accommodate the different themes and variables of each page. First we had an HTML/CSS design for each page, but later decided to develop the project on October CMS, based on Laraval. October CMS would allow us this flexibility to give a custom layout per page, as well as to allow the client to make edits in the backend area. Our teams also developed a custom October CMS module for the customer area and project management, allowing the client to create customer accounts, update the project status and more.

The language module was also modified to accommodate the application, as it was a bilingual application.

End Note

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Kalai on this long-term project and Comelite teams wish the best of luck for the Desert Grove business, and if you need a pool or spa, or services in this industry, make sure to pay a visit to this website!