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Case Study: Desert Grove Database MS

A Start

One of our latest work, Desert Grove database management system, based in UAE, was first a start-up idea back in September 2016. The main founder, Mr. Michel Kalai came to our teams, as we had done a few projects with him before. Comelite teams and Project Department worked closely with Mr. Kalai to analyse, guide and prepare the foundations of Desert Grove database management system.

At the start, the client initially needed something flexible, with the ability to build on to it, and at the same time, displaying uniqueness and elegance. As explained in the intro, the Desert Grove story began with a simple idea: enable anyone to create the perfect environment to enrich one’s personal life to the fullest.

As most start-up ideas, our teams combined with the client, had to do define goals, targets, analyse the flows and much more. Finally, after 3 months of planning, going back and forth, the plan was ready.

Getting the Wheels Rolling

The Desert Grove application was based on Laravel, a PHP framework popular for speedy development, simple syntax pattern, database flexibilities and secure mechanisms. Providing a smooth interface for the custom development, Comelite teams took advantage to base the Desert Grove application on this MVC platform, with its function-rich libraries.

Desert Grove Case Study1

Needless to mention, the Comelite teams also prepared the main company logo with authentic design, and the divisions logos, business cards and letterheads.

Get to Know the Purpose

Desert Grove consists of 4 main divisions, Spas and Pool Construction, Landscaping, Design & Consulting, and Retail. Customers coming to the web application have the easy experience of choosing from swim spas, movable floors, marina pools and other services.

Desert Grove Case Study2

Desert Grove Case Study3

The application includes many forms allowing the user to custom apply for their exact request. This might include pool repairs and maintenance, cleaning, or spas and movable floors to the exact dimensions you will need.

The forms, the blogs page, the newsletter as well as all the website pages have been integrated with Hubspot Marketing/Sales platform enabling the company to track and measure visits and interactions from potential clients, in order to improve conversion to sales.

Technical Challenges and Backend

Desert Grove Case Study4The project had a lot of challenging curves, in which each page had its own layout so we had to use a unique system to accommodate the different themes and variables of each page. First we had an HTML/CSS design for each page, but later decided to develop the project on October CMS, based on Laraval. October CMS would allow us this flexibility to give a custom layout per page, as well as to allow the client to make edits in the backend area. Our teams also developed a custom October CMS module for the customer area and project management, allowing the client to create customer accounts, update the project status and more.

The language module was also modified to accommodate the application, as it was a bilingual application.

End Note

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Kalai on this long-term project and Comelite teams wish the best of luck for the Desert Grove business, and if you need a pool or spa, or services in this industry, make sure to pay a visit to this website!

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Authentic Web Design: Tmreya

On the final months of 2017, I had the privilege to work with the Tmreya company, main HQ based in KSA. We developed their website, and now developing the app. Those of you who have been in the Middle East might have heard of it, but the brand itself is authentic and elegant, so we thought of implementing the same authenticity for their website. Now, in this article, I wanted to point out some features of the website and how it’s a great sample for authentic web design.

Definite Brand

One of the things that adds authenticity to Tmreya, is that it has a well-defined brand. A brand doesn’t mean just a logo, it usually consists of an Identity Guideline, including the brands main color codes, typefaces, and a brief explanation of the brands purpose and representation. There are some great examples here if you want to see more. It will include information about the brand proportions, color policy, background, incorrect versions, and other imagery or art graphics. All this info will add value to an authentic web design for our teams.

authentic web design

Beautiful Media used in Authentic Web Design

When you have a product or service, you should be able to show it off. Tmreya does a great of job of doing this. I must confess, when I first saw their YouTube channel I went searching for chocolate! So weather if it’s video or photos, you should know the exact purpose of it and show it off just the right way. For example, in Tmreya Product pages, the photos are simple HQ photos of each product shown all alone on a white background (with great lighting), one of the best practices of ecommerce and product show cases. I must say, without the beautiful photography contributing to authentic web design, the website won’t have half the value it has now.

authentic web design

Ecommerce Features

One thing that makes this website dynamic and fun to get back to, is the ability to order online. The payment systems implemented is COD, in case the customer wants to pay on delivery, as well as HyperPay and Sadad, two very popular payment gateways in the KSA.

As Tmreya has several branches all over KSA alone, our teams also implemented a custom system in the delivery options, meaning that orders will require you to provide your location and nearest branch, thus sending notifications to that branch upon that order. This speeds up their customer service, as well as allows them to control sales as per location as well.

If you make an order, you will also notice that shipping rates, taxes and minimum order rates are configured through the Woocommerce platform, allowing the website owner to make maximum usage of the website features.

Using the reports in the system, they can monitor sales per dates, product count of purchases, refunds, number of orders and more.


This stylish website is also fully bilingual, in which in the Arabic version, it is using the exact typeface of its identity guidelines, The Sans. It’s fully RTL interface can be seen here.

authentic web design

Mobile App

Comelite teams are working to finalize the Tmreya app as well, which will be released next month, using APIs to connect to the current website and reflect it in the app, providing a compact view and mechanism for Tmreya clients to make their chocolate product orders.

Social Media

Tmreya has is also renown for beautiful and mouth-watering imagery in their social media platforms, such Instagram and Twitter, which our teams used to show a feed of it in the footer of the website as well, not to mention one of their latest videos, as they constantly have updated appetising videos.

End Note

Up to now, it has been a pleasure to work on such an authentic web design for Tmreya. We are pleased to welcome all our clients to use it as a sample and even learn from the business methods to improve their brand. It will be an honor to introduce their app once that is released as well.

Let us know in case you need help to improve your brand or want an authentic web design.

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How it was Done: Comelite Restaurant Projects

As long as I recall, in my career in the IT sector one of my favorite industries to serve is the hospitality sector. There are many reasons why this is a favorable industry and one of the most obvious ones is that it serves others, it’s a constant and vital need and you can always improve it. Here we want to feature some Comelite restaurant projects.

Comelite Restaurant Projects: One of my first

One of my first restaurant projects was for The Burger Stop in Saudi Arabia. They had a very nice logo and beautiful pictures and it was a pleasure to work with them. This was bilingual website with elegant photography and a unique design and menu presentation. Another restaurant project we did before 2016 was poster and billboard design for Burger Joint in Iraq.

Also, I was in charge of a mobile app project called WAIN, which served as a hybrid app for finding restaurants in Iraq, including beverages, sweets and of course food. This app had a backend where the owner could fill in the restaurants information and carry out a business plan with each restaurant to get them listed. These were just the first of Comelite restaurant projects.

Restaurant projects in 2016

Last year, I had the honor of being in charge of the Delight Bakery project, which consisted of a one-page website, logo design (which there was much controversy on which to choose), profile, and stationary items.

Later in 2016 we were pleased to work with Arabzad Restaurant in Saudi Arabia where we did logo design, stationary and signage work.

One of the other Comelite restaurant projects included an app and landing page for the Reserve It company in Kuwait. This project was very pleasing and included an app to allow search for restaurants, check food menus, preview the photos, and get exact locations via Google Map.

The last Comelite restaurant project in 2016 was a bilingual website for Jyia, an Indian cuisine restaurant in Saudi Arabia. This website included loyalty features, online shopping, reservations and of course, unique and beautiful photography, courtesy of the efforts of the restaurant owner.

Latest in 2017

My latest finalized restaurant projects was for the Eathos company, where we were in charge of creating the websites for Kababji (Lebanese Cuisine) and Tortilla (California Burritos and Tacos), the UAE and progressing into KSA branch. We also were pleased to create a digital menu app for Kababji, to serve as table-top digital menus on tablets once the restaurant is launched. Using Sapaad as their backend shopping system, one of the challenges was to integrate the two websites shopping system with this popular UAE software for restaurants. The digital menu is now also offered in our mobile app packages, including a dynamic backend, customized UI, multi-platform and multi-language.

Coming Soon

With trends in the restaurant industry rising, and the constant need for ideas and promotions, I look forward to future challenges in this sector and to feature more of Comelite restaurant projects. Our latest in-development projects include finalize the website for Crepe Bechamel in Qatar, and the Cookshop restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

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7 Ways to Start your Business Spring Cleaning

With spring on its way, it is best to greet Mother Nature’s most flourishing season with a flourish in your business. Of course, business renovations are always necessary but you can do a business spring cleaning to give a fresh start to the new season and increase your business opportunities and pave your strategy. So how can you get a head start to greet the green season? Read below to find out.

1.      Extract Staff Talent

Many of your staff can contribute to your business with additional energy they have and growing skills. You can provide new responsibility opportunities to your staff so your business grows and to help employee growth as well. You might also consider shuffling your company roles to see how to get jobs done best, and reconsider your operation methods. This might require new role definitions, redistribution of staff responsibilities or even hiring new people

2.      Spring Clean your Online Presence

With the upcoming season, consider business spring cleaning in your social media, from updating media covers to give a new look, to website redesigns and revamps, or to even add an extra seasonal video to introduce your brand.

3.      Spring Clean your Strategy

Sit with your board and list your goals and missions, and analyze which you have reached since the start of the year. Re-analyze your tactics and work methods. Here, you need to gather your statistics, and count your leads, contacts, sales and net income. Revise your content and business strategy as needed, and get a head start into spring. Here you can also get help from your customers and do a customer survey to your target audience to assess yourself and your services/products. If you have Salesforce as your working management system, it provides many methods to get this done.

4.      Spring Cleaning for Your Procrastinated Tasks

This year, stop talking about getting things done, just do it and check it off your To Do list. You can always outsource your delayed tasks that you run away from, or you can get help from colleagues. However, the most important thing is to set a date, and get it DONE. This way you will spring clean your task list and free your mind and thoughts, ready to accept new fresh ideas.

5.      Spring Clean your Brand

In the green season, consider a business spring cleaning to your logo and brand representation. There are varieties of ideas, from adding new colors and symbols or maybe a seasonal video and advertising. You can also ask your customers what they like/dislike from your brand and think of a logo revamp.

Business Spring Cleaning - Your Brand

Business Spring Cleaning - Your Brand

6.      Spring Clean your Accounts

This might be a tedious task to do, but extremely vital. See which of your accounts are inactive and clear them up, or remove additional software from your computer. Remove cluttered and disorganized files from your archives and literally clean up your desktop. Organize your bookmarks, your emails, customer lists and your workflow system. Get things organized and fresh!

7.      Final Business Spring Cleaning: Make it Nice and Pretty

Well, now that you are actually doing a business spring cleaning, spend time to actually rejuvenate and renovate your office area. From beautifying your office exterior look with seasonal flowers, to adding a special seasonal tweak to your interior, any new change will lift up the spirits of your business and create positivity among your staff.

Final Word

Nevertheless, we should get ready to greet spring ASAP. Time will fly by with a wink of your eye so take advantage of these business spring cleaning ideas to rejuvenate your business.

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3 Must Have Business Graphical Design Elements

Business Graphical Design Elements

There are many elements in design that compose a business’s set in presentation, digital marketing, email marketing, face to face meetings, and in events’ presentations. The most important business graphical design elements usually compose of the brochure and profile items, business card, stationary items such as your company letterhead, envelope, and stamp. Now if you were to choose 3, which are the best? Below, I’ve pointed out benefits of a few business graphical design elements that are must haves for your business.

Brochure as your Light Business Graphical Design Element

There are many types of brochures. You can have a two-fold, tri-fold, flyer, z-fold, and much more. There are even multi-page brochures, which most of us refer to as company profiles or booklets. You can see a full list of brochure types here, but which is best to present your business with? It’s always good to have a light-weight brochure such as a two-fold or tri-fold to introduce your company goals and services, and contact info, and to serve as your light and simple business graphical design element. Also, make sure you don’t overload your brochure with too much text, or keep a balance between your content and graphics, such as our samples here.

Stationary Set as your Unique Element

What’s in a stationary set? Well, the most popular items consist of a letterhead, envelopes (in different sizes), business card, stamp, notepad, and other items, also known as promotional items, can be cap and other wearables, pen, lighter, mug, bags, and even calendar covers and CD labels.  Stationary items are infinite and the most attractive when they have your brand on them. Your business graphical design elements speak a lot about your brand and stand for business objective. Whichever elements you choose in your stationary set, make sure you distribute it to your employees, clients and make it stand out. Here are some of our latest work for our valued clients.

Business Graphical Design Elements

PowerPoint Presentation for your Events and Presentations

I think many businesses underestimate the power of PowerPoint presentations in business graphical design elements. PowerPoint presentations of a business can not only serve as your business presentation profile in events, conference meetings and even as a digital file to send, but they can help you take a specific solution and present your idea, whether if it’s a new business suggestion, a change in your marketing plan, analysis of business strategy. In PowerPoints, you can combine the content and images, as well as figures shown in infographics to show exactly what you need to point out. They are flexible and easy to edit, and also have nice transitions and effects.


So what should you choose for your most important business graphical design elements? From the vast items available in the graphical spectrum, these are just a few. Anyhow, Comelite will help you make a great change in your business by revamping and redesigning or just getting it all setup from scratch. Don’t hesitate to contact us for consultation on what best suits your brand.

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The 7 rising logo trends [Infographic]

Logo trends

Almost halfway into 2016, we take a look at what the logo world is telling us. Your logo, choice of font, colors and shapes are what your customers will remember you by. It is important to have brand elements that can be deployed and displayed in different settings and environments without breaking the general design. A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. Trending now are these seven styles of logo. All provide details and main specifics of your brand so you must work wise.

Art plays a key role and there is a wide range between simple Monoline logos to Dramatic Typography. That is how designers have managed to incorporate elements like geometry and negative spaces into these featured icons.


The 7 rising logo trends

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YOUR BRAND: Who do you stand for?

A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audiences in a relevant way

Many people think corporate identity is your logo…but that is a strong misconception.

Corporate identity represents your brand, visually. It’s not your logo, your website, your name or your product. It’s your company’s identity. It’s the physical expression of your brand, the image to represent your business. It’s exactly what sets your business apart from the competition. It might include color schemes, designs, words, slogans and the personification of your brand. It’s what you promise to your customers.

What should it contain?
First of all, it should represent your exact purpose, and what differentiates you between others. It’s your company’s vision, and commitment to its customers.
Second, you should keep it consistent. This will add to your brand recognition and people will recognize your brand upon seeing it. For example, take the Facebook brand. It’s a simple “f” but anywhere you see it, you will recognize it. Or the Nike swoosh, McDonald M, and so on. So keep consistency in style, color scheme and the main design.
Third, be flexible. This is not in contradiction to my second point. You should be consistent to the standards of your brand, but flexible to be distinguished from your competitors, and to create audience interest.

Why is it important?
A lot of strong marketers believe that using your corporate identity in the right way, will help you achieve your business objective.
Surveys show that companies with a strong identity outperformed others by 25%. So look at why it’s so important:
1. It’s the first impression your customers see, and how they remember you.
2. It’s a sign of your customer loyalty, and what people trust, that’s why they come back to you.
3. It’s your professional business reflection, and influences consumers in their decisions.
4. It’s your business longevity, showing that you are here to stay and serve.

What does it include?
Brand identity development is something every company invests in. So hiring a professional agency to build your identity will be investing in your business strategy. These are some of the elements to include in your brand identity development:
LOGO: an image is worth a thousand words, and this is what your target audience will see at first glance. Be sure to have it include your main message and what you represent.
BUSINESS CARDS: a business card should represent your main design and company colors, including the logo and main info to get back to you.
STATIONARY: all companies need to use letterheads, send invoices, envelopes and more. So why shouldn’t your printed material market your brand?
COMPANY WEBSITE: a company website is your most inexpensive and most effective way to market your brand. Maybe up to now, your competitors were your local guys, but now, the competition is international, on the World Wide Web. So you can stand out, get organic SEO results, social media marketing and started on your online marketing strategy.

Now that you know about the importance of your business identity and how it effects your sales and marketing, you can start making decisions. Regrettably, a lot of companies look to save money by leaving the work to acquaintances, not knowing the negative affect. My advice: this is your business longevity and strategy, invest in it, and give it to someone professional.

Designing a logo online

You’ve been digging around for a while trying to find the perfect company name and you’ve finally found it! Now it’s time to move on to your logo. Designing a logo is no easy task, It takes creative ideas, computer skills and know-how. Fortunately there is a new way to design logos. Today the do-it-yourself trend is becoming more and more common and logo designing is no exception. Many quality sites have been appearing on the web offering user friendly online tools. The logo design process is simple and allows you to design a logo within minutes. Simply add you company details, choose a logo template and add your finish touch by changing colors and graphical composition.

A number of quality online logo design sites have been making a name for themselves like Logogenie, Graphicsprings and Squarespace. These sites offer complete logo packages and handy features. The package includes HD JPG, PNG and PDF file formats including EPS vector file formats!

If you are looking to design a logo online make sure you take into account the following tips:

Built in color themes
A good online logo design site should include built in color themes. These color themes, directly applicable on your logo, will help you lay the right color foundations for your logo. Colors are very important when designing a logo. They must be harmonious and adapted to your business industry. Quality online logo design sites like the few mentioned above have these kind of features incorporated in the online tools.

Font selection
You should be able to find a selection of quality serif and sans serif fonts. Selecting the right font for your logo is essential. The font must be easily readable from a distance and from close up. We suggest you favor bolder, squarer fonts to prevent any problems. Fortunately, most online logo design sites will present you a vast selection of fonts which will blend perfectly with your logo template!

Make sure that the online tools you are using offer gradients, drop shadows, logo contours etc… These effects will make your logo look even more professional

Logo templates
Most online logo design sites offer pre-made logo templates. These templates can be customized in order to turn them into a unique logo with adapted colors, fonts and style. These inspiring templates are great if you are in need of ideas. The templates layouts allow you to save time as all the structural design work is done for you in advance.

Design tools
Design tools include scaling, positioning, rotating, mirroring (symmetrical inversions), colors adjustments, effects and in some cases other intuitive tools. These tools will help you add that finish touch to your project and make it unique and adapted to your business

The final outcome of your logo depends on your ability to study the market and finding the right blend of icons, fonts and colors. Today, online logo design sites are pushing the limits and allowing users to design great business logos online.