How to Define your Logo


How to Define your Logo

Define your logo

The first thing that comes to mind when you want to define your business brand, is your logo of course. So how do you define your logo? Please don’t misinterpret your logo = your brand. A brand can be defined as explained here, but you should always consider your logo design and what it means, how the concept is conveyed, colors and fonts/typefaces used in the brand.

Below, we explained a few of our logo projects and their concepts, fonts, colors and the idea behind it.

What to consider


As the owner of a brand, you should know deep inside what you want your logo to represent. Is it the culture? Is it a message to clients? Do you want to show your services, or uniqueness? Whatever you want to convey, make sure you write it down on paper and convey it to your design team.

Type of Logo

You should consider the type of logo you want before you start. For example, should it be a symbol, lettering, abstract or a combination of all? This article will also help you define your logo type.


What kind of fonts and typefaces do you want in your logo? Simple, curly, bold? Do you want it in English? Mix of symbols? So based on the message you want to convey, you need to make the right selection on the font. This article will help explain more.


Do a color study before you decide on this. As you know, your logo will appear on digital media, printed materials, maybe even clothing and vehicles. So you should have different versions and defined coloring. Colors will give different definitions to your logo and affect how you define your logo. This article will help you further.

Universal Restaurant Logo

Concept Idea: The idea was to include a spoon or ladle, either pouring sauce, and also to inlcude the U and R in shapes in the design. We also considered to have North/South showing with spoons/forks to show the international idea it conveys. Also to include steam and lively food colors to show the liveliness of the idea.

Colors: Chili red, carrot orange, wasabi green and other food colors to make it active and alive.

Fonts: Different fonts were checked, but the final chosen one was crop types, which conveyed a fun and lively message.


Desert Grove Logo

Concept Idea: The main idea is it conveys the D and G of the company name, and to be able to change colors according to each division (white/blue for spa, white/green for landscape and so on).

Colors: Gray/white for the main logo, white/blue for pool and spa, green/white for landscape

Arabzad Logo

Concept Idea: The idea behind this logo was to convey the Arabic food supply, with a unique range of colors. Another concept to convey was the Arab world and desert life, in which the fire is a symbol of generosity.

Colors: A combination of orange, yellow, violet, and violet-blue colors was preferred, to show a slight uniqueness to distinguish it from others.

Fonts: the logo had an English and Arabic version, for which fonts Newborough and Eras for English and Aldhabi and Al Yermook for Arabic were used. The client was keen on checking several fonts before choosing the right one.


Risal Logo

Concept Idea: The name Risal in Arabic means the land of fertile. The logo was meant for a real estate company for hotels, commercial building, retail, theme parks and more. The final logo represents the buildings and organized design of them, as well as a mixture of Arabic-English design/typography.

The company is specialized in real state development and entertainment business (building hotels, commercial buildings for retails and F&B plus theme parks).

Colors: The color they preferred was gold and derivatives to base it on the Arabian sand color, and green for the land.

define-your-logo-risalDelight Bakery Logo

Concept Idea: The idea behind this logo was to represent a home-made sweets bakery business, and to include the joy and fun, and taste behind it.

Colors: White and brown, to convey the colors of bread and bakeries.

Ending Words

So no matter what your business, when you want to define your logo, first think of the message behind it, what you want to represent, and how you want to show it. Whether if it’s with symbols, or unique usage of fonts and typefaces, colors, let your logo speak for your business.