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Best Methods for Pre-Marketing Apps

What is pre-marketing apps? According to an article by Marketing People, it’s the steps you take to create a foundation for the “buzz” before you launch your app or any product/service. So if you want a developing business, you have to first plan for it.

What steps should you take? What materials do you need? Whom should you target? In this brief article, we’ll point out to some of the best methods for pre-marketing apps, or any other business idea you might have.

Pre-Marketing Apps with a Landing Page

Since development of your app concept or business idea might take some months, it’s best to setup the landing page as the base foundation and base your marketing on that. The landing page should usually include a base intro of the app and its features/functions, some preview to the screenshots of the future UI, a newsletter subscription to gain future leads, and even promotions or discounts/coupons on your future offers. These will serve as the base pre-marketing apps techniques.

Social Media Loud Speakers

Get the word out using your social media outlets such as your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Constantly bring awareness to your brand and what benefits your app or business will provide. Use beautiful media pictures and the right hashtags to get the word out and pre-market your app. You can even re-post the same content with a different method. Social media is one of the best channels of promotion.  You can see some methods of content promotion for pre-marketing apps in this article.

Content is King

Start blogging about your app and business. Start with questions your app product answers, then benefits and other ways of bringing awareness about what you offer. Use methods of content curation to create interesting blog posts and promoting it on your social media channels. You can publish your content on your own website and blog posts, or submit it to famous review websites such as Medium or TechCrunch and other PR channels, which will serve itself as a pre-market technique for your app.

Go Viral with a Video

Creating a promotional video is one of the best methods of app pre-marketing. Statistics show that video and visual content is more preferred and mobile video views have increased over 400%. You can very briefly introduce how your app works and what it provides. This will create eagerness and enthusiasm in the viewers. Here is one of the promo videos we have done for our clients.

Beta Testers and Reviews

One of the other best methods to pre-market your app is to give a call for beta testers. Beta testers will provide the feedback to make your app excel, and will be your best word-of-mouth promoters. You can call for testers from your landing page and social media advertisement and even provide promos and bonuses for those who help in the beta process. Remember that you can develop a loyal customer base even before your app is launched, and you can learn how to plan your marketing strategy and test runs all from the test team.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many more methods to use for pre-marketing your app, and you can invest on your marketing campaign way before your product is even out. Remember to have a successful business and app launch, you have to distinguish the right time, demographics, demand, and of course pre-marketing tactics.

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