Salesforce Amsterdam Tour 2017

Salesforce Amsterdam tour

Comelite in Salesforce Amsterdam Tour

March 2017, Comelite IT Solutions participated in one of Salesforce’s tours to Amsterdam.

One of the biggest events that took place in Netherlands, with Saleforce telling their story and how they can give our customers a better way of interacting. Key speakers were actually salesforce directors and high representatives such as Mr. Tony Prophet whom used to work for Microsoft as corporate vice president of Education Marketing, defining Microsoft Education’s business model, channel and market strategy.

Mr. John Hernandez, COO, which you’ll be surprised was also previously Vice President and General Manager of IBM’s Collaboration business.

And much more.

Salesforce World Tour in Amsterdam

The main aim for the annual tour for salesforce is to demonstrate successful cases of salesforce and what it can do for your business and the different advantages of the different clouds and apps and present their new products.

This year, they also had speeches on how to collaborate better with clients and close deals faster.

And how salesforce can work as a key tool solution than can solve  even the most complex requirements for quoting and collaboration.