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Get a Special Restaurant App: a Table Top Digital Menu

special restaurant app

It’s hard to be a restaurant, coffee shop, diner, fast food shop or any food providing manager without constantly thinking of ways to keep up the momentum and to make your restaurant feel special. Just a while ago, we did a special restaurant app for Kababji in UAE, which was a digital menu aimed to be used as a table top menu shown on tablets in the diner. Kababji is a Lebanese cuisine restaurant with three branches in UAE and 2 branches coming soon in Saudi Arabia. What makes this restaurant stand out is it’s special cuisine and menu items, as well as how it is presented.

special restaurant app

Special Restaurant App: See what’s inside

special restaurant app-kababji screens

Main Category Screen

This app first starts with a unique simple splash screen, leading the user to the main dashboard, which is a categorized list of the restaurants’ menus. Most restaurants have from breakfast to dinner categories, but this is all up to you and in this app, you have the flexibility to make changes to your categories easily through the dynamic back-end website. As a subtitle small text, you can also see the number of items in each category as well. These all create a memorable experience for your customers, and they will remember you have a special restaurant app to serve them with.

See the Details

In the details page, we can see one or more images of the dish, giving clients a special preview of what they will get. Also it has the main title, description and price of the item. This is especially good if you have changes in names, photos and prices and you can easily make changes in the backend. No need for any printing costs once you have changes in your menu. You can keep an up to date item list from the backend, making your special restaurant app dynamic and up-to-the-minute.

Localize it

The app provides a unique experience for clients in the diner as it has a localization feature and you can view the items in English or Arabic, whichever is preferred. This especially good for tourists or for locals who wish to see the app in their local language, creating an impressive experience for all types of clients.

Manageable Backend

Having a dynamic backend for your special restaurant app provides the benefit of having an up-to-date app without the need of constant re-publishing. The app reads from the central database of the backend allowing the restaurant owner to have the flexibility to make changes anytime necessary.

special restaurant app- backend

What else to consider

So how else can you add extra value to your restaurant digital menu app? Well, there are many restaurant apps with different features, but for a tabletop digital menu, see our ideas below.

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and customer feedback will add value and trust-building information on your restaurant. Not to mention increasing the loyal return customer rate, and spreading your creditability.

As a restaurant owner, you know that user experience is your key to improve and present a higher customer experience.


Most restaurants know the value of a customer loyalty program that can be included in an app. Loyalty programs can vary from coupons and rewards, a point system or just providing anything extra in the app to encourage returning customers. In this article, we elaborated some methods but creativity and innovation are endless when it comes to restaurant services.

Online Ordering

Another feature to add to your app is the capability to have online ordering, integrated with your restaurant POS system. In this way, you can even add on further features such as delivery or reservations, thus adding more loyalty by providing quality customer service.

Complimentary Items

Newcomer customers love to be guided through a restaurant’s experience and when they order a dish, you can provide suggestions for complimentary items, such as a fries and coke with a burger. This way you can increase your revenue by simple suggestions in up-selling.


It’s always great to have your locations listed in your app. Customers will become familiar with your branches and it will also add to your loyalty program, when customers know the locations they can come to you. Also, when on the road, it will add up for hungry clients to come to your nearest location.

Special Events

In your table-top special restaurant app, you can even consider special events and menus for special days. For example you can create a category for an occasion and add on the special items easily through the dynamic backend, then unpublish it when the occasion is over. This is ideal in case you provide catering or host special events in your restaurant.

Wrapping Up

I hope you had some insight on how to get a special restaurant app for your restaurant or diner. As a fan of hospitality, I have paid special attention to the details in restaurants I have visited, from their looks and decoration, their customer service, facility of work, and of course their food! So consider all customers coming to you will monitor your services and rate you in their mind, if not publicly. It’s always my pleasure to help restaurant businesses and hear from like-minded restaurant owners or hospitality experts. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.