The 7 rising logo trends [Infographic]

Logo trends

Almost halfway into 2016, we take a look at what the logo world is telling us. Your logo, choice of font, colors and shapes are what your customers will remember you by. It is important to have brand elements that can be deployed and displayed in different settings and environments without breaking the general design. A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. Trending now are these seven styles of logo. All provide details and main specifics of your brand so you must work wise.

Art plays a key role and there is a wide range between simple Monoline logos to Dramatic Typography. That is how designers have managed to incorporate elements like geometry and negative spaces into these featured icons.


The 7 rising logo trends

Designing a logo online

You’ve been digging around for a while trying to find the perfect company name and you’ve finally found it! Now it’s time to move on to your logo. Designing a logo is no easy task, It takes creative ideas, computer skills and know-how. Fortunately there is a new way to design logos. Today the do-it-yourself trend is becoming more and more common and logo designing is no exception. Many quality sites have been appearing on the web offering user friendly online tools. The logo design process is simple and allows you to design a logo within minutes. Simply add you company details, choose a logo template and add your finish touch by changing colors and graphical composition.

A number of quality online logo design sites have been making a name for themselves like Logogenie, Graphicsprings and Squarespace. These sites offer complete logo packages and handy features. The package includes HD JPG, PNG and PDF file formats including EPS vector file formats!

If you are looking to design a logo online make sure you take into account the following tips:

Built in color themes
A good online logo design site should include built in color themes. These color themes, directly applicable on your logo, will help you lay the right color foundations for your logo. Colors are very important when designing a logo. They must be harmonious and adapted to your business industry. Quality online logo design sites like the few mentioned above have these kind of features incorporated in the online tools.

Font selection
You should be able to find a selection of quality serif and sans serif fonts. Selecting the right font for your logo is essential. The font must be easily readable from a distance and from close up. We suggest you favor bolder, squarer fonts to prevent any problems. Fortunately, most online logo design sites will present you a vast selection of fonts which will blend perfectly with your logo template!

Make sure that the online tools you are using offer gradients, drop shadows, logo contours etc… These effects will make your logo look even more professional

Logo templates
Most online logo design sites offer pre-made logo templates. These templates can be customized in order to turn them into a unique logo with adapted colors, fonts and style. These inspiring templates are great if you are in need of ideas. The templates layouts allow you to save time as all the structural design work is done for you in advance.

Design tools
Design tools include scaling, positioning, rotating, mirroring (symmetrical inversions), colors adjustments, effects and in some cases other intuitive tools. These tools will help you add that finish touch to your project and make it unique and adapted to your business

The final outcome of your logo depends on your ability to study the market and finding the right blend of icons, fonts and colors. Today, online logo design sites are pushing the limits and allowing users to design great business logos online.