How to deal with feedback on your mobile game

Getting feedback on your mobile game can be both a depressing and exciting experience.

In most cases, we believe that we’ve created a perfect game, and we don’t expect to receive harshly negative comments, reviews, and feedback. As such, we feel crestfallen when we start seeing reviews bluntly stating “this game sucks” and “another boring remake of game X.” Worse still is when we react to those comments in the form of angry retorts that try to either debunk the critics’ opinions or justify what they see as failure in our apps.

After publishing any app, and especially after publishing a game, you should brace yourself for all those inevitable negative remarks. Embrace them, and turn them into the fuel that will help you improve both your skills and future versions of your app.

Users prefer to point out negative facts
The first truth you have to deal with is that human beings in general are more adept at expressing and paying attention to feelings of anger and disappointment. Likewise, users are wont to forget the pros and remember the cons. Players who feel spited by your game (especially if they’ve paid for it) will be more likely to leave a negative review. Left to their own devices, your fans are far less likely to profess their support and delight in your app, even if they’re juicing out their phones with it for hours.

Therefore, when dealing with negative reviews, don’t take it personal and feel ire for your players because they’re pointing out the weaknesses of your app. They’re only human, after all. Also, understand that negative reviews don’t mean that there’s no positive opinion on your app. You just need to actively prompt it from your fans.


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