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Company Facebook Page vs Website: Misconceptions

The Big Dispute

Over the past years, I’ve talked to many clients and seen many small to medium and growing business’s and to my surprise and shock, many had based their whole business on social media network page such as a Company Facebook Page or Group, and in some cases LinkedIn company pages.

Now, I know the significance of social media, but in this article I will tell you the difference of having a professional company website, and having Facebook page, or any other social media presence. In fact, I believe the very term “Website vs Facebook” is a deep misconception, since social media is a fulfillment to your basic professional website.

According to the Social Times, Facebook last year reached over 40 million pages. But does this mean that a Company Facebook Page will replace your Company Brand? Well, read to find out:

What is your Brand?

Well, if you’re a professional company, you should definitely be representing your brand in your website. A Company Facebook page may allow you to upload your profile picture and cover, and post your info in it constantly but it is NOT your online representative and 24 hour marketing tool. Your web design can include your brand color and logo, theme with your look and feel, and of course your own domain!

SEO – Who are you promoting?

By having your own Company Facebook page, you can definitely promote your products and services, and even use fb ads to boost your posts to get them to the right audience, and get more page likes as well. But are you going to show up on search engines and have an organic SEO result bringing you inbound leads and contacts? And will you be able to control the flow of your visitors through Google Analytics such as which pages were visited and which goals and targets were achieved? Well, no, not through Facebook Pages, at least not as comprehensive as a website will be accomplishing for you.

Company Facebook Page vs Website-SEO

Who owns your Company Facebook Page?

It might be hard to believe but when you are using Facebook for business by creating a page, still this page is on Facebook and is NOT owned by you. So you are at the mercy of FB owners, and so are your followers, data and any information relevant to your business. So you might want to think twice if you have founded your professional business on just a Facebook website.

Functionality and Features

It is true that Facebook pages allow us to add many apps and features, but again, what if you want to add further features, like a form submission (without connection to any websites)? Or if you want to implement calculation and workflow customization? Or how about integration with a specific payment gateway? Well as much as it is hard to believe, Facebook pages, do not allow us to complete these tasks.

Summing it up

To get to the bottom line, we cannot actually compare having a Company Facebook page to a website for a business. What you need to know is that social media pages and presence are vital for sure, but not a replacement or a substitute for a business website. So if you’re a professional business looking to survive in the next few years, then you better know that social media, including Company Facebook pages, LinkedIn Company pages, and other media networks, are a fulfillment and completion to your marketing strategy, which is mainly based on your website. So don’t be tricked when people tell you website or Facebook? Set the basics and foundations of your business right and go up. Get the main online representative going (your website) then add on the advertisement speakers (social media).

Google Play store app ranking essentials

Ranking top in app store search results is every app developer and publisher’s dream. It can quickly turn into a brand’s source of fame, install rates, and revenue. But getting there is not easy, especially when you’re competing with millions of apps that are already there and thousands that are joining the fray every day.
In this article, I will describe some of the mechanics behind Google Play’s app ranking algorithm and how you can give your app a boost in the app store’s search results.

Some basics
The main driving factor behind app ranking are parameters such as total installs and download velocity, but Google Play’s app ranking algorithm is much more complex and intricate, and many other parameters come into play.
A noteworthy fact is that more than 50 percent of Google Play’s daily active users (DAU) search for apps every day, and the app store processes more than six million unique search phrases every month. Therefore, with the right tweaks and settings, you can improve your presence in specific search results that apply to your app and increase your installs, which will in turn improve your app’s overall ranking.

Choose the right category
Find a category that suits your app and at the same time isn’t clogged with competition. App category is an essential ASO parameter, and newer categories which are less crowded are more likely to see your app climb the charts and provide opportunities for higher ranking and optimal app store placement.

Give your daily installs a boost
Having a steady flow of daily installs will improve your ranking, which in turn will give you more organic installs. But now, you might argue, you’re dealing with a “chicken and egg” problem. How do you get those initial installs in the first place? Well, as I’ve discussed in previous articles, there are many ways, free and paid, that can help you drive installs to your app.

Improve your app’s rating
The feedback and reviews that users make about your app are a crucial factor in determining its ranking in search results. It is also one of the key metrics that the editorial staff looks for when reviewing top games and apps. Maintaining an overall 4 out of 5 rating average should be a major goal. But there is more to app rating than just the 4 star average. Here are other factors you should consider:
• The total number of reviews
• Keywords used in each review
• How frequently your app is being reviewed
• How recently has the app been reviewed
• Average rating per version of app
Google Play also uses parameters such as geographical location and device type in reviews to personalize search results for users. So when a user makes a search, apps that have received good reviews from devices of the same type or from users of the same origin will be favored by Google Play.
Oh, and one more note on reviews: Don’t even consider generating fake reviews for your app. The folks at Google Play are pretty smart and have some arcane tools at their disposal that will help them detect scam campaigns, which will eventually lead to penalizing your app or kicking it off the shelves altogether. There are many ways you can generate good and organic reviews for your app, including using opportune moments during in-app experience to unobtrusively encourage your users to write reviews.


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Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing now has a major role in brand recognition, user experience, and search engine rankings. Social signals like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are the main objectives to emphasize on if you want to improve the brand and the ranking for your website, let’s say business. You might have seen overwhelming things happening for other businesses through social media, but you just aren’t certain how to get it to work for you. Nowadays, social media marketing is a full time job and it requires more than the random postings about your great sale & latest product. It is time to choose your best social media matches and give them the attention they deserve. It’s all about quality, not quantity. It’s necessary to build social media into your business plan. Implement social media into it and set goals for different time periods.
Social Media is big and if you are not taking advantage of it, you are losing out on a lot of targeted traffic! While social media resources promote the business grab, sticking to continued connections in these social medias is a lot more important than building connections. Social media marketing nowadays becomes a brand for search engine rankings. It’s a huge source of traffic and potential customers if you know how to use it.
One of the wonderful things about social media is that they usually place business and personal accounts on a level; there aren’t special privileges or powers that cushion professional PR mistakes. And everybody knows it, which means that, once an item is posted, you can safely consider it a permanent fixture of your brand. Trying to back step and deny often just throws stains on that fixture instead of removing it. Instead, it’s an opportunity to make followers laugh with you instead of at you. Marketing through social media is surely beneficial. These strategies will help us in our marketing efforts too. It is very important to recognize that there will be punches, and rolling with them is usually the best tactic. I believe a strong presence on social media will only become more and more valuable in the growth on one’s business, and quality content definitely goes hand in hand with this.
In o’16 trends are going to change more dramatically. After the new updates it more depends on fresh and quality content. Video and graphics are more important than the hollow link buildings. Social Media and Content marketing is now essential for every website. Regardless of social media marketing strategy you adopt to emphasize on content. Without content, you cannot win the long term race. Contests are an excellent way to grow your channels and engage with followers. Quality content is a definite key to attracting readers and followers on social media.
Social advertisements
I think social advertisements are the best strategy to improve our efforts and increase productivity. Bloggers are the main part of our promotions. Social advertising is typically well-worth the investment if done right. It’s crucial to stay on top of any algorithm updates or changes in the platforms, but I definitely agree that it is a great route to go!
It is always better to plan the strategy before implementing the steps for it. The devised option is always noteworthy and applicable when it comes to showcasing your product out to the world in the public. Always after the thought of setting the big business, the next thought which emerges is, how to bring the business to successful grounds, how to make everyone aware about the products and services.
Indeed, using social channels to promote your blog is absolutely crucial. Aside from sharing, you can also leverage your blog posts to engage with influencers, customers, and leads. It is very important to recognize that there will be punches, and rolling with them is usually the best tactic.
SEO and SMO are greatly used in digital marketing to increase traffic to your site and increase back links. SEO and Social Media have certainly grown together, in which both practices are able to benefit businesses worldwide to be more visible to their target audience.
My final take
I believe that 2016 is going to be exactly the Facebook’ year. So you should stick to the social media strategy. Moreover, if our social media isn’t synchronized with Facebook yet, and if there
is more attention paid to other networks like Twitter or LinkedIn, now’s the time to get them all equal at least. Improving our marketing strategy on Facebook is really tough. But if the content is attractive enough to the readers, we can have a long term business presence in social media. What’s your take on the use of social medias in improving long-term business promotion?
Best of luck!
For further information you can call or write me. I welcome any kind of critic or feedback:

Author: Rodney Goedhart

“website sins” that makes clients turn their back to you

Through surfing into hundreds and hundreds of websites, I faced technical, structural as well as design-related deficiencies that can be a strong reason for reducing visitors or any kind of decreasing traffic. Some people believe SEO is a magic wand that makes visitors stream right in to the net and convert them to customers. Well, that’s partly true, and you might increase the number of visitors for a while. But besides all SEO efforts, there are some issues that have to be addressed on the website itself as a one-time optimization job. SEO is not the target; it’s a tool that leads people to you. But eventually, SEO alone will not make them customers. Here are some reasons I found during analyzing websites:
1. A website has to be responsive. As more than 51% of online visitors are using mobile devices to connect, Google actually penalizes websites that are not responsive. Websites that lack in this domain are losing the greatest share of the market.
2. Homepages should convey the message of your business. Great banners with turgid slogans are not going to be very attractive these days. You might use the simplest design and a common slang tongue for your motto, but if you do this professionally, this will take effect, that’s for sure. The homepage is the most important page, so it must catch users’ attention and make them stay on the website and dig further. The content must be customer-oriented; i.e. you must say what you can do for the visitor, not how great you are. For instance, most modern websites show client testimonials on their home, which is strongly encouraging other users to make use of your services.
3. Many modern websites are SPA (single page application) as it is the most preferred design these days. In this way, you can provide the most important information about yourself at “a first glance” and as time is money, you’ll use the “5-seconds-chance” as much as you could.
4. Websites have to relate to their target audience. A website is a great stage for catching the interest of clients. But do we understand who they are? You always have to know who you are dealing with. You also have to gauge the social mood regularly and pay attention to what’s “in” or “outmoded”.
5. Search engines and tracking options are very sensitive in a website. Indeed it’s essential to have an easy way to search the site, but simultaneously, you have to be careful and prevent this system from causing a security flaw that will expose you to hackers.
6. Social media is an inseparable phenomenon of the online life we live today. Websites lacking links to your social media accounts are doomed to be isolated and ignored.
7. Load time is very critical for a website; if any visitor trying to check out your links has to wait and look a white page and read the “loading” message, there’s a great potential that the “5-seconds-chance” times out and you lose another opportunity. If you want to see how strong your website is, go to and write your website URL in the right place. You will see what’s behind and how it is performing. But having a short load time doesn’t mean you’re doing well. This might come from a very low usage of tools and images. The most important rule here is, being user-friendly and making everything faster and easier.
8. Never forget the mission of your website:
a. If you’re running a real estate company, you have to organize the structure in a way that your contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, employees or even clients find your website as the right platform to deal with you and enjoy your services. Therefore, a simple WordPress theme will not help you as it should. If you are showcasing “projects”, you have to prevent you site from becoming a simple image gallery. While you can totally benefit from a picture gallery, visitors expect to see some information about your accomplished projects. So, there is more need for text here.
b. If you’re running a mall, shop or any kind of product sales corporation, you have to have an E-commerce website. For such, without E-commerce your clients can’t order anything without contacting you personally. And every experienced marketer knows how essential it is to create the easiest mechanism in order to persuade your customer to buy your product. So, everyone should have the ability to order per click. Your clients should have the possibility to share the products, email their friends, and vote for the products, add them to their wish list, or be notified when a product is back in stock. With an E-commerce you can analyze your sales, see what products have been purchased most or who your best customers are…
c. If you’re in charge of any kind of HR, PR or job application business, you should offer the right tools for your target audience. Make the “contact us” page a platform that connects people to you, as well as other relevant sources they might need. Remember, this profession is very social in nature and you need to reach out to people personally. There’s no need to direct everyone to your own links. You may even lead them to others, but if you manage to help people find what they want, you’ll always be remembered as a reliable source and that brings reputation.
At the end of the day, you should ask yourself: Is my website substandard? Now is the right time to get serious about your online presence. More and more clients are turning to the internet for information and advice on their projects, sales, schedules and even connections. If you’re the go-to guy for products, services or even a simple advice, and you have a well-designed and well-functioning website, you’re going to get the job. You can persuade the visitor how to react and whom to refer to. Will you?
I warmly welcome any critic and feedback on this piece and I want you to connect with me


Author: Rodney Goedhart

How audiovisuals help increase app installs

App installs are like time and money: You can never have enough of ’em.

There are many ways you can drive more installs for your app, including both free and paid methods. One powerful tool that I’ll be discussing in this post is audiovisuals, specifically promo videos. By using videos the right way, you’ll be expanding your app marketing arsenal with an invaluable tool.

Here’s why videos can help you promote your app.

Videos are a better way to communicate with your users

Consumers love video content because it demands less effort on their part. It requires no clicking, no scrolling, no reading, no thinking: They just sit back and relax and watch your app in action.

And since you’re in control, you decide the course the user is taken through, deciding where to show your call-to-action instead of depending on the user to spot it and take the necessary steps.

It’s also something that helps users remember your app and brand, even if they decide not to install it right away, and it makes it more likely that they later visit your app page to resume where they left off.

Moreover, old users can be re-engaged by showing them videos presenting new features and updates.

Users get to experience your app before installing it

No user would want to spend time, money and bandwidth downloading an app that will offer a poor user experience and mediocre features. And let’s face it: There are a more bad apps out there than there are good ones. Every one of us has downloaded, installed, tried, and disposed of at least a handful at some point during our mobile experience carreer.

Offering a short, one-minute video that takes the viewer through your app and shows its benefits and usage can go a long way toward creating trust among potential users and geting them excited about your app. In short, a video provides users with a shortcut to assess your app and decide whether it’s worth downloading or not.

Combined with a nicely written app description and crisp, high-quality screenshots on your app page, promo videos will help you trigger the most influence on visitors.

You get qualified installs and improved user retention

One of the benefits of promo videos is that it makes sure users who install your app are more qualified. This effectively means that they’ve decided to install your app after getting a clear vision of what your app looks and feels like.

This will also help you in the long run because qualified users are more likely to provide lifetime value and remain engaged with your app. Moreover, if your promo video is well-made, your users already have an idea of how to correctly use it and will learn to master it quickly, without becoming frustrated while finding their way.

You get SEO benefits as a bonus

In addition to being a great marketing tool for presenting your app, videos are a terrific SEO tactic and can help you improve your brand visibility. Specifically, posting your videos on YouTube will give you the benefit of leveraging the power of the world’s second search engine.

With the proper keywords, you can improve your ranking in YouTube’s search results for the niche and industry your app represents. Moreover, since YouTube is owned by Google and much of its code base is integrated with the infrastructure of its search engine, getting enough views and comments on your videos will improve your brand’s overall Google search ranking.

Where to start if you want to create promo videos

Promo videos are a must have if you’re serious about your app marketing campaign.

In this post, I just wanted to pique your interest about the benefits of using audiovisuals and videos to promote your app and increase your install rates. I will definitely write a post about the dos and don’ts of promo videos in the future.

But in the meantime, here are a few quick tips that can get you started on promo videos:

Services that offer promo videos

There are many promo video service that will create a promo video for your app for a defined fee. Some examples are Apptamin, Startup Videos and DemoNinja, each having their pros and cons. The benefit of using these services is that they offer professional work and will create your promo video from scratch, taking the burden off your shoulder. They’re an especially good option if you’re lacking the expertise and proficiency in-house.

Appszoom offers a 5-minute video review service, which is a unique option to show off a real human being actually using your app. It’s a great way to quickly foster trust in your potential users since they’ll see your app being evaluated in real-time by a mobile expert.

If you want to create promo videos yourself

If you already have video editing skills at home and are confident you can create promo videos by yourself, no problem. Here are a few quick tips that can put you on the right track:

  • Keep it short: Make sure your video doesn’t stretch much longer than a minute and a half. Viewers will get bored and quickly tune out.
  • Keep it simple: Focus on the following two questions when planning the content of your video:
    • What does your app do?
    • Why should users download it?
  • Focus on the benefits of your app: Instead of highlighting the features, tell your viewers how they can benefit from downloading your app (e.g. find the nearest restaurant wherever you go).
  • Display end results instead of talking about them: That’s what videos are for right? Talk less, show more.
  • Keep the tone conversational: When adding voice-overs to your video, imagine you’re describing your app at a family party or meeting, addressing non-developer friends. Make sure every viewer understands what you’re talking about.

Author:  Ben Dickson, Software engineer and CTO at Comelite IT Solutions.Contributor to TechCrunch, AppsZoom and CanadaFreePress.

Published by: AppZoom