Restaurant Ideas: Digital Innovation

Restaurant Ideas: Digital Innovation

As a customer in the vast market of restaurants, I believe it’s very important to have new restaurant ideas. This will not only attract and keep your customer loyal, but it will show off your restaurant as a creditable up-to-date business who respects the main principles of business growth and innovation.

In our digital world today, restaurant ideas are endless, from digital menus, to loyalty plans to new menu ideas and special events. In the past months, I had the honor of working and providing our services for a couple of restaurants, 2 new openings and others, in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Also, in my daily life activities, I’ve checked how restaurants around me operate (without them noticing) and gave them a score in terms of their innovation and restaurant ideas, their loyalty patterns, cordiality, and customer service. So below, I thought to provide some concise info on the newest restaurant ideas that can take your restaurant business to another level.

Pre-Marketing Restaurant Ideas

If you’re a startup, get your buzz out in the internet through Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. Create an excitement on what dishes you will provide, what specialties you will have, and create a delicious landing page. Pre-marketing ideas are endless, from referrals to newsletter subscriptions to other types of promos. You might think that you’re too busy for it, but this will build your future customer base.

restaurant ideas: Reserve It Landing Page

Reserve It Landing Page

Large Poster Design

Create a LARGE poster for your new monthly dish, and put it in front of everyone’s eyes, from transport ads to billboards to online ads. There are numerous ideas on the internet but just be simple and innovative, that will draw the most attention. Just imagine your potential customers, coming out of their offices on lunch break, and they see a large quality poster of your special dish on the billboard in front of their building. Now you should know that humans crave for what they see, so invest in LARGE restaurant ideas.

restaurant ideas - Arabzad Branding

Digital Menus

Admit it, technology will increase your sales, draw more attention to your restaurant and spread the word of mouth either on social media or locally. One of the best restaurant ideas are digital menus. Just recently we did a menu app for a restaurant in UAE, and the app is actually a digital menu with a dynamic backend, including slideshow of image items, title, price and description, and bilingual as well. There are many sorts of digital menu boards and apps, and you can choose your display device, then have updated dynamic info for your customers.

Loyalty Matters

I’ve gone to many restaurants and fast food places but the best restaurant ideas that attracts me the most is the one that will reward me for coming back. Face it, people want to get something for coming back to you. There are many loyalty methods you can use, from special day discounts, to a point system to gift cards.

Restaurant Ideas: Video Marketing

Video marketing is actually another modern innovative method to boost your business. You can do an intro of your restaurant, or an intro of your Order App or website and branding, or simply show clean modern shots of your clients enjoying your service. Comelite’s video department has new styles such as 2D, Promotional, Whiteboard and more to present your business in a 1 to 2 minute video.

Looks ARE Important

How your restaurant looks and the first impression you leave will definitely have a deep effect on your target audience. From your exterior look and signage, to your interior design, you have to consider the environment you want to create. You might want to create an easy-going fun environment, or maybe an antique quaint place to eat, but whatever the choice, choose your colors, spacing, equipment and décor wisely. One of my favorite coffee shops had a nice restaurant idea, by hanging their uniforms and sample equipment all over the walls, making it friendly and lively. So be creative and innovate, and get help from professionals.

restaurant ideas - Interior design

Closing Up

I can go on with more ideas, but in order to be in line with the digital revolution, you need to stay fresh with your restaurant ideas. There are many sources you can find as a restaurant owner to keep your business up to date, from listening to social media, researching blogs and reading restaurant online magazines. Anyhow, feel free to contact me for consultation and renovation in your digital strategy.


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