Tell a Story: Benefits of a One Page Website


Tell a Story: Benefits of a One Page Website

There’s a big controversy in businesses on whether to choose a multipage or one page website to represent their brand. Many businesses have a classical and traditional point of view, and look to have large multi-page websites filled in with text text text and an occasional image. Of course, I have seen many businesses that look to reform and get a more modern approach, using modern techniques like HTML5 effects, CTA’s, and beautiful modern UI designs and layouts. But there is something in web development technology most people don’t pay attention too: One Page web design. Today, I will elaborate why anyone, even large businesses can have single page websites.

  1. You lead the way: In single page websites, you can tell a story, and lead the way for the user. All the user does is scroll, and there is no need for visitors to navigate within inner pages. You can plan out what you want the visitor to see, the order to see it in, and the way to present it. So the flow is in your hands and users won’t be clicking on multiple pages to gather information from your website. Get your business message out in this modern presentable method.
  2. Modern and Concise: A one page website is like your online business brochure. It’s pleasant-looking and brief, including the most necessary information. While traditional websites are all in the same layout concept, each single page website has its own unique way of presentation making it always new and up to date. This way you can get your most vital info in your visitor’s hands, and a glimpse of what your business has to offer.
  3. Interactive: Most single page websites are a wonderful user experience as the visitor can see new elements coming in and out with just a scroll. HTML, CSS and JavaScript go hand in hand to provide a delightful experience every time a user visits your page.
  4. Looks great on all devices: Of course, being responsive is a must in web development today, but the benefit of one page websites is that they are very similar to apps like Twitter and Facebook and with just a scroll, you can visit the info you need. No need to design and develop for complex navigation and layouts. Pageless websites look great on all devices and offer the same experience that an app will provide, making them popular for users.
  5. Cost Effective: For most businesses or individuals, the price factor is very important. In one page websites, you can see the beauty of web design and get it at an affordable price as well.
  6. Easy to Convert to Leads: Another benefit of one page websites is their conversion rate. Statistics show that the user experience provided encourages users to click on CTAs thus increasing the amount of conversion rates. So if your website’s goal is to build your online strategy and promote your business, then think on how you can guide visitors to convert to potential leads.

So, if you’re looking to revamp your website and get a new look, take a look at the advantages a one page website provides. If you aim to present your business as an online brochure, and tell your business story to convert visitors to leads, then a one page is just for you. If you need help and need consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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