Save Time and Never Miss any Offers

Halfway into 2017, it is clear that we are living in a new era of innovation. The concept of the “next big thing” is becoming redundant because breakthroughs have become normal.

That is the mindset of some people, but not us. Now, we are here with David Niki and his new product.

David is Operations Manager in Comelite IT Solutions with a background of computer programming in the past 20 years. He’s current focus is Machine Learning, Chatbots and apps.


David Niki

First of all could you please tell us bit about what is Product Share exactly? What is your new word for us?

Product Share is an entirely new concept.

Mapping applications are gaining more traction every day. While you could compare the features of PS to that of Urbanspoon or Google Maps, PS is focused on a different level; the products.

In other apps, you find places. In PS, you find products and services.

Could you tell us about the specific features of your product?

PS makes product and service sharing super-easy. It’s mostly a 1-2-3 process: snap a picture of a product, type some notes, type a price and you’re done.

The product will be logged in a database which then can be searched by picture or location.

The entire thing is AI-powered; we extract several attributes from the images which shows up when the user searches by text. We also offer a “search by picture” – upload a picture and find similar products.

What was the impetus behind the new product/ product share?

We are in the 21st century, yet there are so many disconnected products and stores. Managing a website is impractical for many retail stores both in terms of costs and maintenance, and their offerings are undiscovered by the online community.

PS brings that gap together as it lifts the entire burden of managing an ecommerce website, and requires no maintenance and not even a computer for that. All you need is a mobile phone which everyone has; and you can gradually upload every product to the cloud.

How did this idea strike your mind?

There were many times when I told my friends about something recent that I had bought, and they went “oh, you bought that so expensive! There was another store at XYZ which offered the same product half the price”.

When you look at it, my friends had no means to share their findings with others. There was no platform dedicated to these kinds of things.

All existing solutions touched part of the problem, but none of them its entirety. For instance there are coupon apps; but these cases are not coupon-related. They were the regular price of the product.

How customers would use the product?

The app is meant primarily for three user bases; customers, tourists and retail store owners.

Customers and tourists typically buy the products while the store owners share them, BUT the important overlap is that anyone can actually share a product they like. It is not limited to the store owners (while we give store owners extra powers to manage the products in their store)

What problem will this help them to solve?

We are bringing issues online that were never there before, and connecting people on an entirely new level. With PS, we hope no opportunity is ever missed. We’re actually giving the little retails shops means to compete with the big supermarkets – we make them “seen” and “heard”.

Would they even consider using your product if they are already using competitors?

There are no competitors – at least not yet! We think this domain is unexplored, and we think it will get attraction VERY soon.

This might be one of your secrets but do you usually work individually on your ideas or as a team?

Ideas always need someone to strive for them. I do welcome feedbacks and correct my perceptions by listening to others, but as many other inventors would tell you; many times you’re on your own, fighting the odds. That’s the case for every new idea, until the battle is won.