Web Development


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Having a website is the first step to running an online business. A good, user-friendly responsive website with the right flow and structure will help you to better convey your message and encourage visitors to take action accordingly.
Our teams offer you the right layout and design based on your industry and available content.
The services we offer include the entire web development cycle, including website inception, design, programming and development, web hosting and consulting.
The solutions we provide will ensure that you have a versatile and compatible website to reach out to your audience on a wide range of platforms and devices, and we will provide you with the knowledge you need to maintain the competitive edge. Aside from being attractive and authentic to your brand, your website will be responsive, rich in content, and SEO-friendly.


CMS Development

Whether you’re an online retailer, a news agency, or a non-profit organization, your business will revolve around delivering compelling and well-structured content to your visitors and potential clients. Comelite provides solutions based on mainstream content management systems (CMS). Our solutions include WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, and other CMSs.
The use and customization of commercial platforms will make sure you’ll be automatically updated with the latest security and functionality updates as they are rolled out by the manufacturers.
We also provide customized solutions and plugin-based enhancements to improve your website and add additional features such as social sharing, live chat and security services.

One-Page Websites

One page websites will tell a story in the order you want, making your online presentation to the point and concise, and pleasant to browse. You can lead your visitors in the flow you want and present the message you need. Using CTAs you can increase your conversion rates, and build your online strategy to promote your business.