Web Design Trends: What You Should Know


Web Design Trends: What You Should Know

When it comes down to web design, many controversies exist as people have different tastes and likes/dislikes. It all comes down to the impression you will leave on your website visitors. Did they get the info they were looking for? Were they able to navigate easily through your links? Did they use a mobile device, and how did the website look? Were you able to get them to visit where you wanted to, and did the website load fast enough? Well I can go on and on, but in this article, we want to analyze the latest web design trends, and what’s popular in 2017.

Bold Web Design Trends: Typography

When it comes down to typefaces, fonts and typography, what’s in style is boldness and courage. Making a statement. What font you use will definitely determine how the eyes of your reader skim through the text and how much intake they have and one of the most important web design trends.

As indicated in Awwwards, one of the most recommended and favorable Google Web Fonts is Open Sans, Josefine Slab, Arvo, Lato (one of my favorites), Ubuntu and a few more. Still many designers prefer sans-serif fonts whereas the web design trends indicate you can be bold and use Serif and Monospaced typefaces (“typewriter”) to stand out.



Here are a few of our latest samples shown in Kaso Group, Memecs, and Bioshield Global Solutions.


Freedom in Diversity

In opposite to the much favored minimalistic designs of 2016, web design trends in 2017 indicate a freedom in web design, such as using a variety of forms and geometric shapes, from diagonals, to overlapping squares and more. What’s important, is to not cross the responsive design rule. In the Kaso Group new revamp we did, we made use of diagonal composition in the separators of each section:

KasoMallOr the overlapping concept as displayed here:

OverlapAnother method to indicate freedom is the use of colors. One way to stand out is to make it grayscale, and make a statement this way, like what we did in the Memecs website. Also you can see the artistic blend of photography giving it an authentic look (explained in the next section).

memecs-servicesBe Authentic in Photography

One of the most important web design trends in 2017 is originality in photography. People don’t like to see general stock photos and want to see your real brand and who you are.

In the Jyia website, this is emphasized and shown to the most beautiful lively extent possible, you can just take a look at some of the photography used. This is a unique Indian cuisine restaurant based in Saudi Arabia, being bilingual, with reservations, online shopping and loyalty features. They even included an authentic video footage showing their classy restaurant.


AI Chat Bots

Another of the latest web design trends of 2017 is usage of AI and especially AI chatbots. In our Universal Chat product, we have combined AI chatbots, humans and your favorite messengers and platforms. What’s the use of this and how does it affect your website? Well this was fully elaborated in our how to boost sales article, but basically the chatbot equipped with AI is like greeting customers at your doorstep and seeing exactly what they need, at the time they want it. In addition to this, you can use AI tools like crazyegg to track what users do on your website, how they interact, where they click and more to understand the user experience on your website.

Bright Colors and Gradients

That’s right, you saw it correctly. Bright colors and gradients are indeed one of the newest web design trends. People love attractive bright tones and attractive hues, such as what you can see in Spotify. Google’s famous Material Palette lets you choose the primary and accent color of your website as well as providing the next colors to go with it.

GooglePaletteEven duo-tone images like used in Adison Partner’s beautiful website are in the trend now.


This is a short glimpse of the web design trends of 2017 but there’s more to come. Stay tuned for later articles on other web design trends and considerations. Hope you got some new light on what’s boosting in web design.